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Very nice!! And training does not include steroids.
Re: THE NORTH FORSYTH HIGH SCHOOL RIFLE TEAM IS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BOUND -- Interesting, huh, but why? -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

01/02/2019, 13:05:49

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I've lived in a city with a high school baseball AAA team that had won national championships but I also learned that many local families at that school and others, had pulled their boys out of competitive sports programs (including baseball) because of the rampant prevalence of 'roids (yeah, even at the high school level).

'Not sayin' that the championships were not legitimate or that the administrators of the programs were not doing their best to enforce policies, only that some of the young men in high schools dreaming of a career in pro sports show poor judgment and drug dealers are EVERYWHERE.

'Roids can do serious, possibly-permanent damage to young people's development physically and otherwise.

What a terrific town you have!! My current town claims the honor of our local elementary-level swim team which is top notch in the state every year!!

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