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Intellectual nonsense from SNHU president in advertisement.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/01/2019, 14:32:04

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There is a recurring advertisement for Southern New Hampshire University where the president of the school makes the following statement,

"The world equally distributes talent, but it doesn't equally distribute opportunity."

Is it just me or  is reality EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what that bozo said? Sounds more like Marxism.

How is it that opportunity is not equally distributed in our culture???

See, in the eyes of the world outside the USA, one of the great things about us is that we have no caste or other corrupt  system preventing those with talent from taking advantage of opportunity. 

In my view, this supposed "intellectual" SNHU president is speaking nonsense. That or complete, cynical anti-Americanism more akin to Marxism - which preaches that capitalism does not provide equal opportunity. Marxism, purely.  

What it sounds like the fool is saying is that without a piece of paper from their school, nobody who is talented will get a fair shot. 

What a load of sophistic BS. Leave it to a New Hampshire leftist elitist to say something like that in such a blatantly asinine way. 

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