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I'd say Kurt Schlicter is disgusted. 'Anybody disagree?
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Posted by: TEEBONE ģ

01/01/2019, 13:44:54

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What's A Few More Dead Americans If It Means The Dems Can Score A Few More Political Points?

Kurt Schlichter
5-6 minutes

Corporal Ronil Singh is dead, apparently murdered by a gangmember who was here illegally, and who stayed here illegally despite having been busted†twice†for DUIs. Thank you for ensuring that happened, Democrats. And thank you too,†Fredocons, for so ably doing the bidding of your corporate donor cronies who desperately want to keep the foreigner spigot open.†

Liberals need pliable, reliable replacement voters to buy off with your tax money, and the captains of industry want a pool of eager serfs. The illegals themselves just want to get out of the crummy countries whose policies Democrats expect they are willing to vote for here in†El Norte. Gosh, it seems the only people who want the tsunami of illegal aliens to subside are us†Normal Americans. But then, as with the eliteís endless wars and ruinous social experimentation, we Normals get stuck with the check for the costs and have to pay it with our money and our blood.

Kate Steinle. Jamiel Shaw. Mollie Tibbets. Now Corporal Singh. Oh, and letís not forget the tens of thousands of our sons and daughters ODing on the †fentanyl that flows over the wide open border. But all that death means nothing.

Itís much more important for the Dems and Never Trumpers to score some points on Donald TrumpÖand on you.†

No wall, because Trump promised it and if they can break his will then they can ďRead my lipsĒ their way to a victory for whatever pinko heartthrob wins the 2020 donkey nomination.

No wall, because they gotta replace you uppity American voters with new ones who are willing to submit.

No wall, no matter how many American citizens have to die.

Every day that they refuse to allow the man we elected president to fulfill the most basic function of a national government - securing its national borders - they make a deliberate choice to accept more dead Americans. Oh, and more crime, poverty and welfare costs too. They are willing to let it all happen because their power means much, much more to them than your prosperity, your security, or your life.

They wonít say it aloud, of course, but the way to out liars is not to listen to what they say but to watch what they do. And what they do is everything they can to ensure illegals can get in, and that once they get in, we canít get them out.†

In a country where the ruling class gave a damn about those it governs, the scumbag who murdered Corporal Singh would never have snuck in, and if he had, he would have been tossed before racking up†two†DUIs. But he wasnít. California is a sanctuary state. Itís just not a sanctuary for citizens like you.

When they want to strip American citizens of our Second Amendment rights (and, not coincidentally, our ability to resist them), they howl that disarming all of us would be worth it if it saved just one life. Itís a stupid talking point with regard to the Bill of Rights, because even if rights were subject to a costs/benefits balancing test (they arenít), the fact is that only a fraction of a fraction of the 300 million-plus arms that our citizens keep and bear will ever be used in a crime.

But what about saving just one American citizenís life from murderous foreigners who, as opposed to our freedom-preserving weapons, are not even † supposed to be here? Unlike the American patriots exercising their gun rights, every single illegal alien is a criminal just for illegally entering and/or remaining. Then they also need fake IDs to function. Identity theft is a crime, at least for you and me. Then thereís the voter fraud, the welfare fraud, the property crimes, and the violent crimes. Oh, not all illegals are violent criminals, but every single one spits on our laws, laws we the people enacted via our elected representatives.

So what do you call it when the government ignores the law, which is the will of the people expressed through the legislature we voted for? Itís sure not ďa republic.Ē

In order to keep those illegals flowing in, our miserable elite is as willing to let democracy die as it is to let you die.

Who thinks this will end well? Anyone?†

It wonít. It canít.

The American people are not blind. They see the truth, and they are not going to be denied justice forever. The election of Donald Trump was not the worst case scenario. It was the first case scenario. What comes next, if the elite keep denying the will of the people, will be even more disruptive, even more divisive. They might win today's skirmish over the wall, but tomorrow there will be new corpses and greater anger.

The eliteís selfish and cruel sacrifice of the lives and lifestyles of Americaís citizens risks tearing apart the United States. My novels†about our country splitting apart†into†red and blue nations, and†the resulting chaos, are supposed to be fiction. Treating us as acceptable collateral damage in the liberal quest for power could make those horrors a reality.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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