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Brazil is emerging from the Dark Ages...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/30/2018, 21:04:39

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...of Marxist lunacy. They are trending back toward a normal, rational approach to governance.

In the time of Bucky Fuller, Brazil was full-on free-market capitalist engine with a growing meritocracy - but as always the leftists parasites appeared to throw monkey-wrenches into everything.

Finally after many long years of mismanagement/corruption there are signs of reemergence into the Light of Reason.

Fuller helped them to set up a civil engineering project to develop jungle terrain in remote areas. He also did some heavy lifting in their logistics for urban long-term planning for infrastructure.

Brazil got major help from Fuller and the U.S./British/Brazilian companies he worked with especially in the first phases of their development.

Not long after a successful roll-out of projects, things went sideways politically in Brazil and everything else followed soon after.

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