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If you are familiar with the British military philosophy, compared to ours,
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Posted by: Bartb

12/29/2018, 20:03:39

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Our military rotates people from one job to another every three years or so. The British keep the people in the same job for many years.
Our idea is to bring fresh eyes and fresh ideas to each job; hopefully, some improvements will occur. The British idea is for each person to learn their jobs better with experience.
Both systems have strengths and weaknesses.
That thought lead me to consider politics. What is the first meeting after the election about? Planning for the next election. In some cases it keeps them too busy to do too much damage messing around with other things. However, comma, as they get more experience with elections, they get better and more efficient at raising money, etc. Then they have time to meddle and screw things up.
It seems to me that we really need term limits; some States limit their Governors, some have even more limits.
What do you think?

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