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Genuine protection from evil requires gunslingers (in the Dark Tower definition)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/06/2018, 10:50:05

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Far leftist drunkard failed rock-star Stephen King inadvertently but expertly defined a "gunslinger" in his Dark Tower series. This was demonstrated by an exchange the gunslinger hero has when he responds to an appeal from a local he is trying to help the town. Gunslinger Roland Deschain (trained in a city-state called Gilead) says:

"The words you say may be true. I do not know. I am a gunslinger and a gunslinger does not deal in words. A gunslinger deals in lead."

There are domains in this world where words are both inappropriate and ineffective because only overt action (not verbal action) applies to any genuine amelioration of the conflict.

Sometimes life is effectively reduced to simplest terms - so in the case of armed assaults on soft targets. Bullets pierce any argument against violent self-defense with arrogant, defiant certainty.

Israel shows the way in how to deal with violent people in our midst. With only the most brutal armed preparedness and iron resolve.

We must get used to the idea that armed cacogens are either too stupid or too insane to be afraid of anyone. So they must be neutralized forcefully, directly and permanently.

As long as there is civilized culture, suicide-by-cop must always remain an easy option because it must always be easy for an armed suspect who would cause injury, suffering and death to innocent people to find death at the hands of a gunslinger at the scene.

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