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Native Americans had little patience with repeat offenders.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/06/2018, 10:33:15

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We often criticize native american tribes for being savages, but in reality they often had more success in purging cacogens from their cultures than we do.

It was sometimes the tradition of NA tribes to put criminals to death when they committed three crimes, regardless of their severity. Their belief was that of someone was blew three chances to prove that they could be law-abiding, loyal members of the tribe, they were unfit to live among the tribe and needed to be put to death or banished for life.

And though NA tribes were still plagued by roaming bands of outlaw rejects from their own ranks (those who escaped execution somehow) that was likely caused more by their LACK of resolve and a tendency to show mercy to their repeat offenders (allowing them the CHANCE to come back and attack them again) instead of being too harsh.

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