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Worship deification of "royalty" is still a tradition in the USA, not just England.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/06/2018, 10:20:37

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There is a tendency to exaggerate the virtue/value of some public figures. Probably the most-likely reason people do it is to create in their own minds an illusion that people of exceeding virtue, ability, morality and achievement still exist at the highest levels allowing them to vicariously feel better about the future and themselves.

In my own view, deifying those who have passed diminishes their importance by reducing them to abstractions, which makes them actually LESS human, LESS significant and LESS meaningful.

My best recollection of GHW Bush was a brief excerpt of a radio show he hosted that was sampled by Brian Eno and David Berne in My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. In that clip, 41 is talking with someone who is calling in about the topic of the show, a book by some businessman. The caller says something critical of democracy in the context of capitalism. Bush responds that historically, nations with free-representative governments (democracies) almost never attack each other aggressively (militarily) and that this is good for the world in general.

He was correct about that.

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