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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

12/05/2018, 18:37:35

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Why Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Is Calling for Firearm Background Checks
Submitted by: David Williamson

After announcing his involvement in the Toms apparel company’s campaign to support universal background checks in the firearm industry last week, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard went one step further on Monday, calling out 34 fellow country artists to add their voice of support to Toms’ “End Gun Violence Together” campaign.

Comment by: PHORTO (12/5/2018)
And his opinion matters.... why? Because he's "kind of" a celeb?

Here's a clue: Most celebs are mindless prole robots politically, who march in lockstep with the liberal bent of "the profession". The bigger the celebs, the bigger their mouths.

All saying nothing.

Point of fact: Private transfers of firearms are not commerce, hence the State has no constitutional authority to regulate them, outside penalties for selling to prohibited persons..

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada

But liberals believe that the Constitution means whatever popular opinion WANTS it to mean. The monkey wrench in their worldview is that times change but principles don't.

"It's not that our liberal friends are ignorant; it's that they know so much that isn't so." - RWR


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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