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12/04/2018, 19:58:35

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When couched in terms of science fiction, all of the miracles of the Bible are represented as plausible in the modern mass media. Remove the labels and God could be viewed as a benevolent, powerful space alien. 

Philip K. Dick the author captured that spirit in his VALIS novel - a cult of believers discover that the ancient holy Codices from the original time of Jesus are being beamed at earth by a satellite shooting data as a laser. They capture some of the data gaining hallucinations (visions) including a recurring one of views of the Roman Empire superimposed over the present with the words, "The Empire never ended".

 One of the disciples, an overanxious scientist dies when he unwisely constructs a laser that shoots the data directly into his skull, 'cause he can't resist turning up the power to maximum.  

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