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I've been watching the French riots on twitter as individuals send their phone videos and it ain't what you may think. In several videos, organizers are screaming, "We want Trump." "We need Trump." In other videos they are carrying anti-globalist
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Posted by: Dee W. ®

12/04/2018, 11:46:48

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signs and France First signs! They hate the climate change thingy.  They are complaining about the harm the refugees are doing to their families and the country and how they are losing their rights. This is truly a spontaneous combustion of people who have had enough destruction of their nation. Globalists are blaming Trump, praise the Lord. I do believe our president has shown people across the globe how nice it is to have a leader who loves his country. The left is attempting to hijack it, but with what? Look what happened to the protests in Brazil...they turned into anti-socialism and NATIONALISM! I'm loving this!

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