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the very epitome of grace in flight...
Re: God made the Bald Eagle. In keeping with that spirit, we made THIS: (And the rest of the world eats its heart out.) -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

12/03/2018, 21:44:49

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...a hollow tube really, with wings attached. Simple but elegant.

A friend's daughter just got her commercial pilot's license. She has her own me too story - this one genuine.

While on one of her last scheduled flights with a trainer to complete her necessary hours, the fool made grotesquely inappropriate overtures and verbalizations to her (including suggested that she needed a spanking - DOWN Teebone!!) - then when she did not show interest, messed with the controls when she landed causing her to nearly scrape one of the wings on the runway surface.

She calmly left the plane when they landed. Marched directly to the control tower and asked to speak with the FAA representative on site. She filed a very detailed, precise, thorough complaint and the FOO trainer caught HAYEULL (nods to Teebone) from his bosses. I think he got demoted or fired or something cause that wasn't the first complaint he'd had.

She just passed her FBI exams - they want her to fly for them and only them. She wants to fly everything and everything else. It's a good match so far.

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