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An interesting parallel . . .
Re: Sometimes you remind me of my mother -- Bartb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden ®

12/03/2018, 20:57:09

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Bart --

My mother was highly prejudiced.  I always attributed it to her childhood experience of being a Cherokee growing up in Oklahoma.  I'm not sure she "hated" blacks, but she sure had them down at the lowest rung of her ladder.  She didn't know any Catholics or Poles, but I am sure she would have put them down there, too.

My Father, on the other hand, didn't seem to understand the concept.  He disliked people who were lazy or dishonest, but color or other social factors appeared to be beyond his ken.

As a kid growing up, my choice was easy -- go with the strength, which in our family was definitely my Father.  My mother might make noise and carry on, but when that was all done, my Father said how things were going to be.

Because of him, I grew up to be about as non-racist as any kid could be.  I played football with blacks in high school, and sometimes even dated their sisters -- which, of course, drove my mother crazy, until my Father "explained" it to her.  No problems thereafter.

It is only now that I am becoming a "racist."  I am just pitifully tired of the blacks wanting someone else to be responsible for the problems they, themselves, have created.

'Screw 'em.


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