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I didn't enjoy the outcome, but I did enjoy the game.
Re: Tee: Did you watch the 2nd Half of the Chargers/Steelers game? -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: TEEBONE

12/03/2018, 16:20:09

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Russ -

The Chargers were only firing on 7 cylinders for the whole first half. The Steelers were hitting on all 8.

Reverse that from the end of the 3rd qtr.

They ended up tied at 30 with less than two minutes in the game. The Chargers used up the clock and kicked the field goal.

After THREE tries. They missed the first one outright, but the Steelers were offside. They had the second one blocked, but the Steelers were offside. The Steelers were offside on the 3rd try, too, but the field goal was good, so the penalty was immaterial.


Disgusting. Had the Steelers not jumped the shark on the first try it would have gone to overtime.



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