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it is perhaps notable that the people now protesting their government's callous attack on their prosperity have damaged the Arch.
Re: "the nation which glorified democracy" ...and the Guillotine, fed by proletarian mobs. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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12/03/2018, 02:25:35

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The Arch of Triumph was in addition to being a monument to the French war victories of the time, also where many thousands of innocent people were beheaded in the Grand Reign of Terror. 

It is also notable that the winners of the American Revolutionary War did not immediately go on a mass-murder spree. Most of those who supported the English Crown (or who refused to fight against them) were allowed to rejoin their communities (albeit with less general regard and respect from their peers one imagines). 

But we didn't behave like Satanists or savages  - 'didn't round up the Torries and murder them wholesale just because they opposed the Revolutionary forces or harbored contrary opinions concerning politics. 

Generally, the American Revolutionary forces only had a quarrel with the British GOVERNMENT, not so much those who supported / worked for/with the monarch. 

Once the goddamn King admitted defeat (ordered the British commanders to surrender rather than fight to the death in a losing proposition), we all sort of chilled out (until 1812 when the moronic Brits gave it one more try). 

Is it just me or do the Frogs always seem to have a chip on their shoulders ready to be knocked off so they can go out rioting...?

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