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Mexifornia Train to Nowhere cost projection quintuples due to mismanagement, right on schedule
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/03/2018, 01:38:40

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Everyone who was opposed to the insane project predicted this exact thing. All of it...and worse, are happening. The supposed "benefits" to Mexifornia traffic are projected now to be almost zero. The cost is projected to be closer to $300 billion.

If you figure in the estimated increases in spending (the more that gets built, the less likely they will be to cancel the rest at ANY cost) the REAL figure they will be spending is a lot closer to half a trillion dollars than to the original estimate (which was itself a blatant, deliberate deception on the part of the Democrat legislators and governor's office).

And of course, true to form for corrupt 'Crats, the finished line will NOT be high-speed, but have to slow down in the many urban areas it's supposed to serve. The actual average speed will only be slightly higher than current rail lines.

At a current cost of $5 million PER DAY, projected out to 2029 at the EARLIEST. With costs estimated to rise to $15 million, and ultimately $25 million PER DAY.

The reason it's so much higher is the estimate takes PAST PERFORMANCE of California government-managed projects into account and estimates INCREASES in costs will continue to accelerate, not diminish.

This is pure and simple MONEY LAUNDERING and transference of wealth from the People into the pockets of unions, corrupt leftist company managers/owners and all of the affiliate leeches gathered at the Money Trough to slurp and slurp and slurp to their heart's content.

There really is no difference between Mexifornia and Mexico any more. The corruption is absolute and all but RIGHT IN EVERYONE'S FACE!!!

Organized crime under the pretext of "government leadership". California state government is largely and increasingly an obscenity.

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