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hah hah and the leftist mass media are STILL trying to pass this off as a protest "against taxes" not against GLOBAL WARMING TAXES!!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/02/2018, 23:21:48

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French officials are not limited by their own Constitution nor restrained from behaving like a dictatorship when they get the itch. 

Another great example of what to expect here if the 'Crats get more power - autocracy/tyranny sold as "leadership". 

How odd that the nation which glorified democracy for centuries is now a bastion of elitist Statism which runs roughshod over the Will of the French People routinely.

This is similar to what happens in other hopelessly F'd up Eurofailures. Sweden's Constitution also allows THEIR government to behave like WILD PIGS without restraint or reigning in by their high courts. 

Chaos reigns supreme as usual in ungovernable, coalition-government Europe.  

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