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uh, they misspelled "coarse" and forgot the scorn quotes around "correction". heh
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/02/2018, 21:52:18

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I despise the NYT. It is a cacogenic enterprise run by cacogens FOR cacogens. The universe would be a better place if the NYT and its mendacious, Satanic brethren leftist publications had never existed. 

Thankfully our own government is not about to dole out billions of dollars in "government investment" in failing newspapers like the f-ing Canucks are about to do.

No doubt the politicization of government would be fully underway if Hill-O-Lies had been elected. As would the weaponization of every branch of federal government in support of the same in state and local governments. 

The 'Crats aspire to everything they most enthusiastically accuse their political opponents of doing - the want a One-Party  Super-State, a national police force to protect/assist them, and a license to destroy anyone and anything that stood in their way just as Stalin did. 

Leftist are the most dangerous sorts of people on the planet. Not only to themselves but to everyone. 

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