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It's a fairly simple equation - many gays have figured out what they get from the 'Crats.
Re: Superb message from a gay guy (who I won't call a faggot, 'cuz he's a patriot) re DJT: -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

12/01/2018, 03:41:21

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They get a political party that promotes Islam, an ideology which drives governments that routinely toss homosexuals off roof tops.

The left has a long, unbroken history of betrayal. Every special interest group which supported leftist causes through history was quickly betrayed by them. ALL of them.

The homosexuals are no different than all of the others and they have figured it out.

At least conservatives generally do what they say they will do, including the rule of law against murder - of homosexuals or anyone else.

Leftists are selective in their enforcement. Unjust in their administration of enforcement. And hopelessly biased in how they adjudicate law.

Leftists are a disease and DJT is part of the cure. So yes, if a pathological virus could speak, it would no doubt sound much the way the left sounds when attacking DJT.

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