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11/26/2018, 22:11:50

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A Firearms Sanctuary Movement in Washington State? Game On! - Liberty Park Press

Conn Williamson
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Voters in King County, the most populated administrative district which includes Seattle and the nightmarish unbalanced blue wave entitled snarky counterproductive idealism of radical politics and billions of tax dollars allocated towards the construction of a socialist dystopia, are partially responsible for the adoption of damaging legislation punishing law-abiding gun owners, while inadvertently (or not), enabling a burgeoning criminal enterprise. (No offense to the trio of wealthy software tycoons, and a pretentious trust fund baby, who spent over $5 million dollars to ensure the anti-gun campaign would equate to victory on election night.)

The latest assault on individual rights marks another overwhelming blind advance in the statewide political battlefield threatening to rip the state of Washington straight down the spine of the Cascade Mountain range into two separate pieces with a seismic force magnitude only secretly imagined by geologists in creating and destroying worlds. Highlighting the BCS-induced NCAA tournament fight card of philosophical musings and societal inclinations features the annual Liberal vs. Conservative brawl, followed by the much anticipated cagematch of Rural vs. Urban. Eat your heart out Mt St. Helens.

In a complete disregard for residents on the eastern half the state, initiative 1639 passed with a resounding majority, the pending pending law full of intimidating stipulations, especially to families and individuals living in rural areas, sparsely populated and sometimes geographically rugged, where response times of law enforcement officials are as improbable as discovering a hidden vibrant European trip-hop clubs rumbling with luminescent soap bubbles into the early hours of dawn. Fortunately, hope assumes a wide array of forms and sometimes in the most unforeseen manner. Enter into the fray and champion of Second Amendment rights, police Chief Loren Culp. Much to the dismay of leftists, the public servant overseeing the law enforcement enterprise in the town of Republic, nestled in the highlands of eastern Washington 181 miles from Seattle, opted to emulate the efforts of proactive rural counties of Illinois, in planning the framework for a firearm sanctuary, immune from the iron fist bureaucratic fist of the masses. The highly reasonable move in the town with a population of just over 1,000 proceeded to spark an immediate and visceral reaction from the urban corner, while establishing an effective playbook for other cities and towns in the state to adopt, as the courts decide if the legal appeal to the measure will yield any effective changes. 300w, 768w, 1024w, 1038w, 243w" sizes="(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px" />

The Gun Control Lobby Fails To Grasp The Concept Of Scale.

The nuances, some quite subtle and most others glaringly obvious, between rural and urban lifestyles and expectations for self-defense, were apparently absent within the resin infused synapses and neurons responsible for manipulating progressive ballots. The existence of Washington as an expansive landmass ranked 18th in the republic in area and featuring an array of diverse terrains ranging from coastlines and lowlands, to mountains, and extensive farmland, is a reality almost completely ignored by the dog loving Prius driving city dwellers engaging in a counterproductive style of shooting, which does and not involve the use of firearms. The up into the veins method of forcing a concentrated noxious cocktail of ideology on responsible citizens, while supporting and epidemic of publicly funded heroin injection sites overtaking vast quadrants of downtown Seattle, transforms the fictional hardcore relentless intoxicating interludes of Hunter S. Thompson crashing through The Strip on a three day bender, into a wholesome and benign Saturday night Canasta party fueled by ginger ale. Disconnect and disarm typify the growing chasm between the high density population epicenter and the remainder of the state, a baleful conundrum also present in states with top heavy city populations, the most notably of course being Illinois.

The scenic, yet loooonnngg drive from the Puget Sound area suburbs to the regional seat of Colville in the northeast quadrant of the state, takes six and half hours mainly on two lane highways passing through a wealth of natural resources, and perhaps the purveyors of totalitarianism should attempt the trip to gain an idea of the daunting scale outside the cozy confines of their artsy studio apartment above the local cabaret. Fortunately, for residents who do not wish to endure the jaded demeanor and vapid presence of hipsters, a dearth of charging stations exist east of the Cascade mountain range, however, the proliferation of counterproductive laws and restrictions statewide is unavoidable.

The resulting skewed battlefield illustrates the obvious detriments of an uneven landscape predicated by an uninformed and entitled majority failing to grasp the scope and crucial influence of farming, logging and hydroelectric energy production, which drives the economy of Washington. The irony is patently evident in the scenario of the over-educated tattoo wielding hipster, enjoying an eclectic and robust cabernet sauvignon, while discussing with contemporaries innovative ways to hamstring the incessant “greed” of business owners, who how and effective hug can stave off an armed burglar. Fighting against this insufferable mentality is challenging on a number of levels, including the majority of the wealthy and implacable tech community able to donate millions of dollars to annual anti-firearms campaigns. Thus, the blueprint devised by Culp is a brilliant and effective immediate solution to ensuring that individuals outside of Seattle maintain their Constitutional rights for self-defense, while the appeals process hopefully yields a universally satisfactory conclusion.

Churchill said it best when describing the modern progressive nightmare spurred on by instant gratification of the virtual reality wonderland.

“Your American romanticist is a sentimental spoiled child who believes in miracles, whose needs are mostly baubles, whose desires are dreams. Expediency is his motto.”

A harsh, yet fair criticism of a society threatened by cultural cannibalism.

Culp’s hope of defeating an ominous and powerful presence can work, if other towns adopt the necessary municipal provisions. The chain reaction can be a beautiful and resounding representation of liberty. From Republic to Colville, from Walla Walla to Wenatchee, from Hunter’s to Raymond and right to the doorstep of Olympia, let the sanctuaries be built, and reason overtake trendy insanity.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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