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Chris Wallace continues with his anti-Trump program
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Posted by: Bartb

11/26/2018, 03:20:36

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Oh, he's not out in the open like CNN people are, but he slips in a slap at the President in almost every sentence. One of these is his constant harping about "divisiveness" for which he blames the President. He apparently pays no attention to Senator Schumer or Congresswoman Pelosi.
Mother nature seems to have a different viewpoint on this topic. "Birds of a feather flock together."
Sparrows do not mate with Robins. Horses and Donkeys are similar in many ways. They are so close that they can mate and produce viable offspring. However, comma, those offspring are all sterile. Mules cannot mate and produce offspring. Gee, you might think there is some kind of plan to discourage cross-species mating.
Speaking of Mother Nature, an alleged journalist attended both the Democrat and Republican conventions. One thing he noticed is that the Democrats were, on average, much younger than the Republicans. If you consider that most people tend to learn from their mistakes, you might conclude that the elders have more life experiences to learn from. Some have suggested that "It takes Mother Nature a long time to beat the stupid out of people."
I guess Mr. Wallace isn't as old as he looks.

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