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This nonsense about "government' studies. It's a study by a tiny number of people. Likely written by one or two...then a few entrenched leftist bureaucrats sign off on it. Maybe ten people tops.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/25/2018, 21:49:43

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That is the whole fallacy of so-called "government" studies like this grotesque obfuscation. They are done by an almost microscopically small number of people then receive the stamp of "government" on them as if something sacred, sovereign and sanctified by the entire sum of national scientific knowledge. PTUI!!

It's a report from a handful of rabidly anti-conservative leftists who managed to maneuver into issuing their own personal opinion with the term "official government study" attached to it. Swine.

It is a "report" full of as much partisan, pseudo-scientific, jargon-laden nonsense as any bloviating rant from algore.

I am far more interested in recent studies which show conclusively that most "government studies" are complete BULLSHIT!!!

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