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Mueller's Hail Mary pass intercepted in the end zone. Time, 00:00.
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11/08/2018, 19:57:20

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A Surprise Witness Just Decided If Mueller's Case Will Impeach Donald Trump

3-4 minutes

Robert Mueller thought he had Donald Trump dead to rights.

He was building the case that could have been the cornerstone in bringing down Trump.

But then one surprise witness stepped forward and brought Mueller’s case crashing down.

Robert Mueller turned over every rock to bring a criminal case against Roger Stone.

He hauled over ten Stone associates before the grand jury to try and prove Stone colluded with the Russians on the release of hacked emails obtained from Democrats.

Mueller looks like he struck out on that front.

The special counsel also looked to nail Stone on charges that he lied to Congress.

Stone told the House Intelligence Committee that radio host Randy Credico was his backchannel source to WikiLeaks.

But Credico denied that in front of Mueller’s grand jury.

However, Stone lawyer Tyler Nixon testified before Mueller’s grand jury and said he witnessed a conversation where Credico admitted to being Stone’s source.

What Tyler Nixon Told The Grand Jury

Nixon described a conversation between Stone and Credico that took place at the Harlem Tavern in November 2017.

The Daily Caller reports on their exclusive interview:

Nixon said he mostly observed the conversation between Credico and Stone, who have known each other for more than 20 years and have had a tumultuous relationship.

“It was clear from the conversation,” Nixon said, that “Stone had not invented this or thrown Credico in this as a decoy.”

Nixon said he recalled to the grand jury that Credico was upset that he would be revealed as Stone’s source, partially out of fear of upsetting his liberal friends.

“I can’t admit this. I can’t say this,” Nixon recalled Credico saying.

Nixon also told the Daily Caller that Credico told Stone he would exercise his Fifth Amendment rights not to incriminate himself if the House called him to testify.

And Nixon also told the Daily Caller he believes Mueller calling on him to testify means the probe is nearing an end.

The Daily Caller reported:

Nixon said Credico suggested he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights should he be contacted by investigators. When Credico invoked the privilege to avoid appearing before the House Intelligence Committee a month later, on Dec. 13, 2017, Nixon said he was unsurprised.

Nixon, who has appeared alongside Stone on the political operative’s InfoWars show, interpreted his wham-bam encounter with federal investigators as evidence that Mueller is rapidly nearing the end of his collusion investigation, or at least the portion that deals with Stone.

“Things are wrapping up and they wanted to get me in there and get things on the record,” Nixon said during a phone interview with TheDCNF.

Stone is Mueller’s last chance to prove collusion.

Mueller wants to charge Stone so he can lean on him to give false testimony against Donald Trump.

But with Tyler Nixon now stepping forward, Mueller’s plan is doomed to fail.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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