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I was stunned when I heard our Soros-funded Maricopa Recorder explain he changed the methods of tallying votes.
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Posted by: Dee W.

11/08/2018, 11:51:30

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He said he is having the "data cartridges" delivered directly to his Recorder offices to tally there; hence, no local vote tallies as we always had.

Every precinct runs the ballots and gets and immediate tally; then the cartridges are delivered to the Recorder's office. IOW, we don't have a clue as to what our local precinct figures are. This is horrible, but it's especially bad news for Martha McSally who is only 15 to 16,000 votes ahead.

I called my Rep. office and suggested they ask DOJ to step in immediately. This is highly irregular, except to the news media who think it's just his way of conducting business.

At the very least, we need an election commission to oversee elections. No one man, and a Soros man, should have total control of voting. It appears to me Arizona Republicans don't have a clue if they're not screeching about the Maricopa and Pinal vote counts being tampered with.

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