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Russ - Here's commentary about another case involving knife rights, the considerations of which also could have been at work supra:
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11/06/2018, 14:35:29

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NYC Knife Case Headed To Supreme Court

Keep in mind that the Supreme Court does not generally agree to hear a case just because any particular decision in a case is unjust, irrational or just plain terrible, all of which describe this ruling in spades.

Beyond settling major constitutional issues, the Court will sometimes choose to resolve differences in the application of Federal law among different Federal circuit courts when its decisions are not applied the same throughout the U.S. The Second Circuit panel’s ruling regarding our constitutional vagueness claim in this case opens up that possibility with starkly split decisions between it and other circuits, as well as splits between a number of state courts. The writ explains why this case is important and worthy of the Court’s limited time....

...The Supreme Court is notorious for not issuing broad rulings as a general rule and rarely offers decisions that extend beyond the case in question.


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