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11/05/2018, 23:29:14

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Deer Hunting Is A Family Tradition

2-3 minutes

Jake Judd | Nov 4, 2018 AT 9:01 pm
Deer Hunting Is A Family Tradition

Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) – Deer camp for Roy Matson and his extended family is about passing on their passion for hunting.

On their land, near Hinckley, they’re bringing up the fourth generation of hunters and one of them got his first deer this year.

13-year-old Landen made the six hour trip from South Dakota and was able to get his deer early Saturday.

“I was just really excited, he was out on the trail reaching up, he grabbed something on the tree and I shot him.”

This was the teenager’s second year hunting and he says he plans to keep hunting for years.

Roy Matson is Landen’s uncle and is encouraging the next generation to keep Minnesota’s hunting tradition alive.

“It makes me more excited than me shooting a deer myself, that’s great when the kids can shoot deer, I love it.”

Roy’s wife, Krista, owns the more than 100 acres of hunting land. Her grandparents bought the land in 1968 while her father was serving in Vietnam. Their 10-year-old son has been joining his dad in the deer stand for a number of years already.

“Levi has been coming out with me since he was five years old, I shot a deer with him when he was five and he’s been hooked ever since.”

This was the first year Levi can shot a deer for himself as long as he is under his dad’s supervision.

Roy’s party harvested five bucks on the opening weekend that ranged from a spike buck to a six pointer.

Roy’s deer camp hosted KNIS Anchor/Reporter Jake Judd and his friend Josh Apple during the 2018 Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener in Hinckley.

The 2019 Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener will be held in Fergus Falls.

Landen's first deer.

A view of the Matson's hunting shack near Hinckley


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