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People should NEVER underestimate the deviousness of the left. Vigilantism plays into the hands of the Statists
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/04/2018, 20:04:16

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Here's how it works - vigilantes cause some sort of problem or are set up (framed) so that the mass media and politicians use the incident as a tool to stir up the public against firearms.

Non-enforcement by LEOs is intolerable in an orderly society. Leftist officials often seem to hold back enforcement (the generals/colonels, not the rank-and-file soldiers on the front lines) so that people being affected by higher crime rates feel desperate (driven to vigilantism) .

Even under the best of circumstances with the most professionally-trained, bright enforcers, things can go sideways. Mistakes (even fatal ones) will inevitably occur.
So any vigilante person or group involved in any such incident will become the focus of Satan himself.

Leave the enforcement to the professionals, for better or worse. And if they mess up, then go after the politicians to clamp down (fire people).

The vigilante force has one legitimate purpose - to reinforce the authorized enforcement personnel. If the first echelon is overwhelmed, well, then maybe the balloon will have to go up.

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