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A couple of observation
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Posted by: Bartb

11/03/2018, 15:01:44

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IMO, the most reliable measurement of long-term heat data comes from the ice cores. Going back many millennia, certain cycles repeat.
They show a strong correlation between CO2 and temperature, but...
the increase in temperature does not follow CO2 levels, it leads it.
First, the temp goes up, then the gas level goes up.
My best guess goes like this: there is a lot of CO2 trapped in the ground in the arctic. When the heat goes up, the CO2 gets released into the atmosphere. Sooooo - CO2 DOES NOT cause warming, warming causes release of CO2.
The video shows an observation that water levels in the high atmosphere do not follow the predictions. That reminded me of sumpin called phase change energy. Water goes up one degree Centigrade for each change in energy. BUT, when water goes from liquid to vapor, the rules change. Going from liquid to vapor requires a whole lot more energy to convert, and that energy is released when going the other way. Different non-linear rules apply when going to/from liquid to solid. If the vapor measurements are wrong, the energy levels will be wrong.
Wrong measurements coupled with wrong assumptions produce the garbage we predict.
OTOH, AlGore makes a lot more money since he got out of politics, and now owns several jets to get to the disaster conferences.

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