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Unexpected trash from Princeton shows unreliability of global climate estimates
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Posted by: Bartb ®

11/03/2018, 02:32:54

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This report is a good example of why I don't believe a word of the Global Warming Mania.
It is based on estimates and expectations of measurements that are known (and accepted as) unreliable.
“Imagine if the ocean was only 30 feet deep".
To which I reply, "Imagine if we had defensible data."
Which they don't.  They say that only since 2007 have the had good data, which disagrees with all previous data, and make guesses from there.
I've read reports that begin with "Once upon a time..." that are more believable.
Ignoring all the ice core estimates of past temperatures, and disregarding all previous climate events, (such as trivia like ice ages and such) they make predictions of doom and gloom based on unreliable estimates (some based on tree rings) for a few hundred years.
Are you kidding me?
I just wish I had made hundreds of millions of dollars flying jets around the world to attend climate conferences.  Unfortunately, I can't lie that well.

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