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Has anyone seen these Shriner's Hospital funding ads?
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Posted by: TEEBONE

11/02/2018, 18:01:03

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Boy, I'll tell ya... I tear up every time I see one.

Those kids are giants of courage in little 'challenged' bodies - some who can't walk, some with one (or two) limb(s) gone or genetically malformed, some with stunted growth and confined to wheelchairs, some with cancer, etc.

And all of them, to a one, have the bright sparkle of life and undaunted hope in their eyes, buoyed by successfully meeting their respective challenges, completely without self-sympathy, depression, victimhood mentality or rancor over the raw deal they've gotten, literally beaming with the joy of LIVING - it's truly amazing.

If you've never seen one, I hope you eventually do.

It's a moving experience.



Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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