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These two are a special kind of F'd up.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

11/01/2018, 15:36:21

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Candidate drops off mom in wheelchair so she can panhandle - WND

3-3 minutes

Soon Chey, the mother of Irvine City Council candidate David Chey, panhandles in Laguna Beach, California (KNBC-TV screenshot)

A candidate for city council in Southern California has been accused of dropping off his wheelchair-bound mother to panhandle, even though they live in a condo and have a new car.

David Chey, a nonpartisan candidate in Irvine, has been caught on camera leaving Soon Chey, 86, in the downtown district of Laguna Beach with a sign that reads “Please, help me,” the Daily Mail of London reported.

“They have a brand-new car, live in a condo in Irvine, yet beg for our help,” local business owner Heidi Miller told the Daily Mail.

She said Adult Protective Services has investigated but “can’t do anything, because she says she enjoys begging.”

“He’s pretty much brainwashed her,” Miller said.

“What the Cheys have been doing for 12 years is taking money from Laguna residents and tourists and going back to a cozy apartment in Irvine in a brand-new car and taking money away from homeless people,” said Miller.

Miller estimated that on one occasion in which she watched Soon Chey for about an hour, the 86-year-old collected more than $200.

The Daily Mail said evidence of the Cheys’ panhandling scheme dates back at least six years, citing a 2012 video of David Chey posted on YouTube.

In the video, a man can be heard from behind the camera asking Chey, “Is this your mother?” and accusing him of exploiting her.

In his statement for his candidacy for Irvine council member, Chey describes him as a self-employed entrepreneur.

He earned an undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Southern California.

His reason for running for city council is to implement “an ordinance that requires voter approval on development projects.”

Chey, according to the Los Angeles Times, said during a public forum he also wants “to help residents achieve the American Dream. To be better than your parents. And to have high education. To be able to contribute positively to society.”


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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