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"Sure. Get a German to do it." - Col. Devoe (The Peacemaker)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/01/2018, 07:10:09

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One of the best lines in the fine Spielberg film "The Peacemaker" belonged to the character Colonel Devoe reportedly based to a large extent on real-life Col. Oliver North, who negotiated a deal for information/assistance with some foreign rebel leaders (Contras?) that got him into hot water.

Colonel Devoe and helper Nicole Kiddman infiltrate a transportation hub with a Russian nuke-stealing terrorist network, find the top cheese of the transportation operation moving the weapons around is a German, not a Russian.

Musing to Kidman, an increasingly unhappy Devoe (portrayed by Actor George Clooney) marvels, "Sure. Get a German to run your transportation network!!" After the German refuses a bribe, Devoe slams the schmuck's face on the table, breaking his nose. Bribery is not always as effective as overt coercion when time is a factor.

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