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One of the good things Michael Medved has done...
Re: She lives in California and mentioned she has had "some type" of association with Hollywood. She covered the Jewish issue so well and explained how she can't go to Synagogue any more because of the leftism. -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

10/31/2018, 12:23:17

Author Profile Mail author Edit to clear up a lot of BS concerning people who call themselves "Jewish".

Medved who is an observant Jew (believes in God, follows the Torah, consider Christians to be allies and refers to militant fundamentalist muzz as "Islamo-Nazis") often explains this on his radio program.

He has repeatedly pointed out that for many (most) U.S. Jewish people, their use of the term "Jewish" is nothing more than an "ethnic identifier". They may make claims otherwise, but truth be told they are atheists whose "religion" is leftism. He said that such people have no respect of or use for Jewish religious principles, do not observe Jewish laws nor ascribe to Jewish philosophies.

He said that such people maintain their self-identification as Jewish merely to obtain the benefits and privileges of such for themselves personally and their familiars but hold ZERO loyalty to their Jewishness. He said that they casually abandon all affiliation with Judaism the second it becomes inconvenient or conflicts with their leftist political inclinations.

They are in a word, "Jinos" Jews-in-name-only.

This reality has become especially visible in how the majority of Jewish people in the U.S. have supported leftist politicians and leftist policies through the last ten or twelve years, even as the U.S. left has embraced, promulgated and defended the most heinous, sadistic, murderous antisemitism.

The cognitive dissonance of claiming to be a good Jewish person while at the same time protecting promoting the presence and influence of Islamo Nazism has become more and more alarming to genuine, sincere Jewish people.

But the reason Medved says, that leftist Jews have been willing to support Islamo-Nazism is that these so-called Jewish people are not and probably never have been Jews in any way other than in-name-only because it is convenient, fun and useful for them personally.

So what he is really saying (without actually saying it) is that most U.S. Jewish people are abject hypocrites whose morality and values derive more from leftism (Marxism, anti-Conservative fanaticism, etc) than any other source.

While some observant Jewish people may have diverse political sentiments, Medved believes that virtually all Jinos are this way (leftists).

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