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Are leftists successfully portraying all non-Marxists as being "rightists"?
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/27/2018, 23:12:37

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Of course they are.

Timothy McVeigh was an avowed, highly consistent atheist (as was his mother and his partner in mass murder Terry Nichols (PTUI!). McVeigh, his mother and Nichols were also avowed anarchists who hated the government and would likely have come up with some reason to bomb a government building in either a Republican OR Democrat administration. 

Yet, because they went off during a Democrat administration (motivated by the particularly heinous behavior of Janet Reno, ATF/FBI generals et al at Branch Davidians compound in Waco) the left has always referred to these anarchist/ atheists as being on the same side as Christian conservative Republicans.

Leftists to this day INSIST that McVeigh was a "rightist". The more-accurate description is that he was anti-government ANY GOVERNMENT. See, that's what the term ANARCHIST means. That's what he called himself to his dying day  AN ANARCHIST. 

And if truth be told, I'd be willing to guess that McVeigh and Nichols were really closer to being SATANISTS than atheists. Most self-described atheists I've met tend to match that description. And as we all know too well, Satanism is far more-aptly applied to LEFTISTS than to people who call themselves on the right. 

One gets the very strong impression that if one could prove to them that God existed, they would HATE Him. 

So leftists gleefully conflate any mass murderer who kills minorities with "rightists" and in particular Republicans. 

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