Report: Pittsburgh Shooter Named – is Nazi Robert Bowers – Hates Donald Trump, Says Trump Controlled by Jews

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Police are responding to an active shooting situation at the The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh.

There are reports of MULTIPLE FATALITIES!


— Chris Lovingood WTAE (@CLovingoodWTAE) October 27, 2018

A man reportedly walked into the synagogue and opened fire during a Saturday service.

FOX News reported the shooter went to the third floor of the synagogue. Several worshippers were rescued from the lower floors.

RT reported: The shooter was reportedly wearing a green jacket, a blue shirt, and blue jeans. The radio chatter has cited his date of birth as September 4, 1972.

POLICE: Suspect in custody, multiple fatalities and 3 officers shot at Pittsburgh area synagogue.

— Max Winitz (@MaxWinitz) October 27, 2018

Shooter was screaming, “All Jews must die!”

There are reports the shooter is a Nazi named Robert Bowers.
He hates President Trump and believes Trump is controlled by the Jews.

Here is his archived Gab page.

Posts from the suspected Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers. He hated Trump and thought Trump was controlled by Jews. This monster is an unhinged anti-Semitic terrorist.

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) October 27, 2018

Another post from Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. His profile clearly illustrates that he’s a Nazi, admired Hitler, hates Trump, believes Trump is controlled by Jews, he did not vote for Trump. That’s all I was able to archive before his profile was wiped. Sickening.

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) October 27, 2018

Bowers wrote about “HIAS” on Gab before the shooting.

HIAS is a Jewish nonprofit that protects refugees.

France News 24 is naming Robert Bowers as the shooter.

🔴 EN DIRECT – #USA : Le tireur de la synagogue de #Pittsburgh en #Pennsylvanieserait Robert #Bowers un néo-nazi, admirateur d'Hitler et qui déteste #Trump. Il pense que #Trump est contrôlé par des Juifs et n’a pas voté pour Trump." #TreeofLife

— FranceNews24 (@FranceNews24) October 27, 2018

Thread by @RealMattCouch: "CONFIRMED: Robert Bowers is in custody and has been named as the Shooter in the Pittsburgh Synagogue. He is Anti Trump, Anti MAGA, and Anti […]"

— Gene Gerena (@GeneGerena) October 27, 2018