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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

09/10/2018, 16:07:34

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OH: Toledo Area Officials not in Favor of Arming Teachers
Submitted by: David Williamson

After news surfaced that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is contemplating whether to allow states to use federal money to purchase guns for educators, local officials cautioned against such measures, emphasizing the importance of entrusting trained law enforcement officers. "I don't like the idea of arming educators and putting that responsibility on them,” Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp said. “I think we ought to be arming our law enforcement officers and putting law enforcement in schools. I would say create more monies to have more school resource officers in the schools.

Comment by: PHORTO (9/10/2018)
Unless you're prepared to put at least five armed officers in every school, you're whistling past the graveyard, pun intended.

There is no way one resource officer at each site can match the response time spread among five armed people posted at strategic locations throughout the school.

Force Multiplier 101. It ain't rocket science.

Get over this "Government, PROTECT US!" mentality and realize that we must protect ourselves and those innocents around us, and that means legally armed law-abiding citizens spread throughout society at large. Government isn't always the answer; in point of fact, most often it is not.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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