Clearly the common link between so-called "white nationalism" and leftism is feeling/intuition-centered thinking.
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08/10/2018, 09:50:18

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The doctrine of both are based in a loosely-linked melange of disjointed, emotionally-centered notions lacking precision or rational consistency. 

This is the single strongest link psychologically between all forms of political extremism - too much emotion/intuition not enough rational thinking. 

Another is the propensity to engage in what psychologists refer to as "splitting" which is viewing the world and the people in it as either all-good or all bad, with no shades between. 

Although there is legitimately both greatly virtuous and greatly wicked people/acts in the world, by far the greater numbers involve motivations which are largely pragmatic, not idealistic. 

IOW, most people do most things most of the time for simple, normal reasons (from their own POV) not because they are trying to fulfill some extreme, amoral personal agenda (being evil). 

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