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hah hah GREAT point!, RB!! It's "critically important" as long as it's also convenient and fun.
Re: You might note that despite the 'critical importance' of the issue, they didn't go protest on their own time, on the off-season. -- robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/10/2018, 09:35:02

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It's fairly clear that most of the NFL's protesters have the emotional maturity of five-year-olds.

If you asked a kindergartner throwing a tantrum what they were unhappy about you'd get exactly the same types of vague, meandering feeling-heavy, fact-sparse responses. They can't put their grievances into words that make rational sense because there isn't any consistent rational basis for them.

When these "college graduates" try to answer rational questions about the reasons for their "protesting", they always start with reason/logic but almost-instantly switch to feelings/intuitions. That or they simply start making things up off the top of their heads which have no basis in reality.

If there was ever an example of how the average pro football player's I.Q. is below average, this is it.

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