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OK. that didn't work - so NOW what Roger!?!
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/09/2018, 22:57:38

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You know, being a conservative is sort of like having the power to tell the future. Rewind to Spring, we discussed the NFL commissioner's too-little-too-late attempt to return the Jinn to the bottle. heh 

Our prediction: The players would NEVER toe the line. NEVER. For them, it's all about turning the NFL into a socialist entity, not a capitalist one. The players think that THEY should be the owners and that the owners themselves should step aside and give it to them. 

The NFL will NEVER get the cacogens to behave normal. In psychology there is something called "active resistance" in which a person who is emotionally disturbed invests large amounts of energy and thinking to DEFENDING their neurosis- i.e., remaining disturbed. 

When a person has ZERO interest in being normal or worse, revels in behaving in a way that is perceived as ABNORMAL, they are more like a criminal sociopath than a normal person. 

Am I saying that vast swaths of the NFL's ranks are infested with people who are dangerous? Naw, I would never say that - 'don't need to. It is becoming blatantly obvious to everyone whose I.Q. is larger than their age. 

It is wonderful to see. An entire political movement verging on committing political mass suicide because they have convinced themselves that behaving like wild pigs is their "right".  heh 

Indeed, it is. Indeed it is.  

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