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Hillary Clinton cannot help herself.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

08/06/2018, 14:17:40

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Hillary Clinton Is About To Make The Worst Mistake Of Her Life

Hillary Clinton could be plotting the comeback no one saw coming.

The former two-time failed Presidential candidate is sniffing around the political scene.

And it could end up blowing up in the Democrats’ faces and handing them the most humiliating defeat in party history.

Hillary Clinton cannot help herself.

The midterm elections are just creeping up and Hillary Clinton is determined to insert herself into the political spotlight.

Most Democrats wish the disgraced 2016 Presidential candidate would go away and take her decades of scandal and corruption back into the woods of upstate New York.

But the Clintons are addicted to political power the way a Vampire craves blood to survive.

Clinton raised eyebrows with a burst of political activity.

Hillary fired off a series of tweets that touched on core issues or constituencies key to the Democrat Party.

Clinton promoted the group United for Justice that was started by Clinton loyalists to fight the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court:

After Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, @WeDemandJustice leapt into action to launch a movement to #StopKavanaugh. They’re doing a 10-city #RiseUpForRoe tour and will have a day of action on 8/26

Hillary also tweeted out support for groups designed to recruit black candidates and register Latino voters:

.@VotoLatino is working to engage Latinos in the civic process. They recently helped register 5,000 people in just one day at March For Our Lives events. Their goal: register 422,000 voters for the 2018 midterms and turn out 80% of those people.

.@CollectivePAC recruits, trains, and funds progressive black candidates at every level of government. They’ve helped elect 23 officials so far and are doing a series of trainings for candidates and operatives with the goal of training 200 people by 2019 and 2020.

Clinton also donated the maximum of $5,000 to 19 Democratic Congressional candidates through her group Onward Together.

Hillary also funneled money to Democrat Secretary of State candidates – Nelson Araujo in Nevada, Deidre DeJear who is running in Iowa, Jocelyn Benson who is the Democratic nominee in Michigan and Kathleen Clyde in Ohio.

Taken together, these actions look like those of a candidate keeping their options open for 2020.

Clinton is attaching her name to the fight over the Supreme Court – which is an issue that has liberals losing their minds over the likelihood of defeat.

Hillary also began promoting groups targeted to black and Hispanic voters – two key Democrat constituencies she underperformed with in 2016.

Clinton also donated to Democrats in the key battleground districts that will determine control of the House of Representatives.

Finally, Clinton stuffed money in the campaign war chests of Democrats in four key Presidential swing states.

Democrats would prefer Clinton stay far away from the 2018 midterms.

She is a tainted figure who automatically makes every situation about herself and her conduct.

And Clinton’s participation in the midterms will only serve to energize Republican voters.

When Clinton campaigned for candidates in 2014 ahead of her presidential campaign the effort ended in disaster and Democrats across the country were tainted by the association.

Will a similar situation play out in 2018?

And is Hillary setting herself up to be a viable candidate in 2020?


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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