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Oddly the left is ceding the self-described "moderate" voting bloc to the opposition...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/11/2018, 11:03:38

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..historically allowing one's party to swing to doctrinaire, ideological fanaticism has been a recipe for electoral disaster.

Mondale did it. McGovern did it. Carter did it (second election). 

Then when the Republican party (driven by a populist iconoclast talking reform) put forth an energetic straight-talking pragmatist rooted firmly in today, (not tomorrow or yesterday), the 'Crats responded with an Alinskyite Marxist thinly disguised as a "liberal" (Hill-O-Lies Clinton).  

The Republicans, led by Trump et al, ran a good campaign while the 'Crats almost completely leaderless, ran a campaign behind Hill-O-Lies that was disastrously horrible, virtually from start to finish. 

In pushing Hill-O-Lies and railroading Sanders off the ticket, the 'Crat elitist establishment seemed to resign themselves to making an omelette out of the rotten eggs that were the Clinton legacy.

In state after state, district after district, the 'Crat went SPLAT!! 

Following the election, the DNC all but put-to-death any moderate or (laughably) conservative movement in its own executive ranks. Radicalism ruled the day from November 7th 2016 through the present. 

Behaving as deviates/Shadow-Worshipers is fine I guess if you are pursuing your own preferred brand of personal crazy, but following every strong impulse, no matter how violent, sadistic, criminal, hateful, wantonly destructive or fanatically radical is unlikely to attract a large portion of the moderate voters at the national level. 

It is almost as if the GOP sent a message to the DNC, "We'd appreciate it a lot if your party could do this,this,this and this over the course of the next four years in order to guarantee the Republican party election wins in critical areas across the nation," and the 'Crats responded with, " Oh, sure! No problem". Then went out and did everything they were asked to do - and more. 

The 'Crats are doing the political equivalent of  a magnificent, courageous swan dive off a high cliff directly onto bare, dry rock. 

As one eagle said to the other, watching self-propelling lemmings careening off cliffs again and again , "Well, at least they're consistent". 

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