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Waddaya get when you combine Marx, Mohammed and Malcom X? - Keith Ellison
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

07/10/2018, 16:03:27

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Keith Ellison Won’t Rule Out Impeaching Supreme Court Justices If Democrats Win Congress

DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison said on Monday that if the Democrats retake control of the House and the Senate this fall that they could potentially impeach Supreme Court Justices.

"Assuming the Democrats take the House and Senate in November ... is there any possibility that the legislative branch will remove a Supreme Court Justice?" a person asked Ellison at a Supreme Court Community Forum in Minneapolis.

Ellison paused for a moment, then replied, "We have to find some evidence of like corruption, something like that."

Ellison pointed out that lower court judges have been impeached as he left the possibility of impeaching Supreme Court justices open.

Ellison said that while impeaching a Supreme Court justice is not likely to happen, it could "theoretically" happen.


To be fair, he answered correctly. Constitutionally, a SCOTUS justice can be impeached. Impeachment should have cause, so when he said "theoretically it could happen," after saying "we'd need to find evidence of corruption," that is a true statement. I'd want Congress to impeach a corrupt judge.


Yes, but would you prefer a Congress that, knowing the allegations are politically motivated and without merit with no chance of gaining a conviction in the Senate, disingenuously uses the process to confound the constitutional operation of an administration it didn't like?

Because if you don't believe the Left would do such a thing (see: Mueller investigation), you shouldn't be allowed out in public without supervision.

If they couldn't convict in the Senate than there's no endgame outcome that helps them. The person asking the question seems to be hoping that they'd just remove conservative justices and install liberal ones. But an impeachment without a conviction doesn't get you there, and the justice is still able to serve throughout the impeachment proceedings, so you've accomplished nothing but spend political capital.


Using the process to stymie the 'other side' is motivation enough. Remember, these are people with no ethics whatsoever. They are progressives, whose core philosophy is "the end justifies the means".

We have now heard noises (echoes of FDR, really) about packing the Court with six justices for the precise purpose of nullifying the proper results of the electorate's volition because it goes against their counterfeit version of America. Witness Harry Reid, who started the business of removing the filibuster (which shouldn't have existed to begin with, actually, but became tradtion), whose cohorts now caterwaul and wail when its logical extrapolation was employed for SCOTUS nominees.

See, it's okay for THEM to change the rules in the middle of the game, but when they're burned by the very fire they set themselves, they whine like spoiled, self-centered brats.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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