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Mosquito bite itch cure.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/10/2018, 07:19:18

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Read about this, tried it out, it worked.

The itching from a mosquito bite can be permanently cured by - heat. 

See, the toxin that makes skin itch is easily destroyed by heat. By pointing a hair dryer at the spot that itches just long enough to heat the skin to say 120 degrees (just below the blister-temperature) the toxin is permanently burned up.

As long as you don't heat the site for too long (a minute or so is all that is needed) the itching goes away instantly and won't return. 

The reason this works is that the proteins in the toxin mosquitos inject to keep the blood from clotting while they suck and which  makes the skin itch are very delicate organic molecules that break down at temperatures higher than 100 degrees. 

No more scratching until we bleed. Just hit it with the hair dryer.

You're welcome!!

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