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The return of the hooligans.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/09/2018, 03:28:29

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More M-80s etc. I called in to law enforcement - the desk sergeant was honest, 'said it would likely be a long time until they could respond. I very graciously thanked them and hung up.

Then I took care of the problem myself. No, I didn't break any laws. I think the scum got the message I sent though. While I was standing there watching the vermin from a safe distance (safe for me, not them), I noticed two radio-cars drive by - heh.
Think Buford Pusser. I was just about thirty yards away from the little rats watching them for more than a full minute - until I was sure they saw me in the shadows of the trees - motionless, looking directly at them holding a very BIG stick.

No, the cops didn't see me, I was completely in shadow. But the lowlifes saw me. Yes. They. Did.

I'm assuming that the cops were in the area by accident or on their way to another call and decided to cruise by when dispatch put out the call. The lowlifes apparently got the message from them as well. They moved away quickly.

No more Mr. Nice guy. This is war. I didn't start it but...

I was there to make a citizen's arrest - but you know, bad things can happen when people try to resist arrest or attack someone because they think they can defeat them in a fight.

I know enough close combat to effectively defend myself if attacked - even by multiple targets. I called their bluff and they folded. Part of me was sorry they fled.

The caveman in me was sorry. I wanted...justice. And if that meant a trip to the hospital for them, too bad. Sometimes people get hurt in life. It happens.

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