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Even FNC blew the story about the SCOTUS ruling about the Colorado baker
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Posted by: Bartb ®

06/12/2018, 20:48:11

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All the TV news I've seen, including FOX News Channel, has given the Colorado Baker story incorrectly or incompletely.  They ALL start of with,
"...Baker who refused to [sell/provide] a cake for a bisexual wedding."

That is flat-out false.

Now, for the rest of the story.
1. He offered to provide a cake for the wedding, as he had done before;
2. Bisexual weddings were not legal in Colorado at that time;
3. The two did not live in Colorado.  They came from out of State and went directly to  this baker, who was a known Christian;
4. The baker is a superb artist.  I saw a clip where he free-hand drew a picture of President Lincoln on the top of a cake. Beautiful work;
5. The baker DID refuse to provide the art work requested, because it violated his beliefs;
6. The SCOTUS ruling was about his artistry, not his cake-making.

I am puzzled by FOX messing up the story.

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