George holds the hand of his father Britain’s Prince William, Duke of
Cambridge, upon their arrival at Tegel airport in Berlin, Germany, July
19, 2017. (Steffi Loos/Pool/Reuters)

of Prince George playing with a toy water gun and a fake knife during a
family day at a polo match lit up the internet on Monday, with critics
saying the toys were an unfortunate choice for the young prince.

future king of England looked down the barrel of the gun and played
with his mother Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, pointing the
gun at her face. He and his sister Princess Charlotte sat on the grass
watching their father, Prince William, take part in Sunday’s Maserati
Royal Charity Polo Trophy match at the Beaufort Polo Club.

accused the royal family of insensitivity given the recent spike in
violence nationwide, which has included a number of knife attacks in

however, did not see the toys as noteworthy and commented that many
children play harmless games like “cops and robbers” with plastic guns.

People are complaining because Prince George had a plastic gun 🙄 I had a plastic gun when I was little guess what I grew out of it I didn’t grow up to be a mass shooter or become obsessed with guns I hate guns now so just leave the boy alone and let him be a child

What’s all this fuss about Prince George playing with a toy gun? Kids have played with toy guns for years (including me). They didn’t become murderers. They grew up.
Get a grip.

What’s the point in kicking off about Prince George playing with a TOY gun when chances are he will serve our country in the forces at some point in his life. Pathetic.

water pistol was reportedly not bought for the prince but was won as a
prize at the polo match’s children’s fair. The four-year-old prince
played with handcuffs and a slinky as well.