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Re: "California NAACP Wants State Legislature to Ban ‘RACIST’ National Anthem" -- -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Bill H. ®

06/08/2018, 12:39:29

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Me thinks it would make more sense for the so-called "offended" to "remove" themselves from a country that supposedly offends them, than it would be to demand that said country remove their National Anthem to appease their sensitivities.

But hey, political correctness has no limits, as well learn everyday.

Mark Steyn (sitting in for Rush) stated earlier this year (paraphrasing): "If those who are offended by a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee sitting on a horse and they demand it be taken down, can we at least keep the horse? It committed no heinous social/political crime. Maybe we can erect a statue of Maya Angelo or Caitlyn Jenner and place it on his horse, ok?"


Good to see you too, Russ.


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