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Big things have small beginnings...Mexifornia 'Crats lose supermajority due to recall of Newman.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/08/2018, 10:39:38

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Even more interesting is that the 'Crats (especially Gov. Moonbeam) played about as dirty in fighting the recall of Newman as has ever gone down.

'Crats hired union goons to disrupt, harass, file false police reports about and generally abuse anyone who participated in signature gathering. The swine did things like file complaints with false information with law enforcement about the 100% legal signature gathering operations throughout the state.

They got caught on video several times and the infamous John and Ken of 640 AM talk radio based in L.A. made sure that the public heard/saw those horribly incriminating videos on their program/KFI website.

The sadistic, psychotic savagery didn't end there, an initiative forbidding spending funds allocated for one purpose, from being spent on another without voter review/approval, effectively ending the shell-game 'Crats in Mexifornia always play with initiative funds.

The 'Crats got a road-fixing initiative passed years ago ostensibly to fix state roads, then the minute it passed, diverted those funds to their pet projects and NEVER FIXED A SINGLE ROAD. Then, they tried to do it a second time, triggering the Newman recall and the voter initiative that now expressly forbids that.

So the June 6th election was a slap down for the 'Crats in many more ways than one.

The voters killed the political career of a traitor (Josh Newman) ended a sick con game with the Legislature looting funds for their idiotic pet projects. And all of this happened against the backdrop of Jerry Brown using every filthy, dirty lie, mob-boss thuggery, bald-faced deception/character assassination campaign to stop it.

Epic fail. The 'Crats have overreached and paid the price this election. 'Can't wait for November to deliver another smack-down.

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