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Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)
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Posted by: Bill H. ®

06/08/2018, 10:08:47

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Hello old friends. I've been away for awhile, but still ornery as ever. I wrote an op-ed yesterday that I wanted to share (below).

Hope all is well.


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is no longer just a
satirical, sarcastic label placed on those who find the man repulsive,
out-of-touch, incompetent, and/or worse. It is an all too real malady with
serious symptoms such as being unable to accept or look past the man’s
personality traits, lack of couth, and bombastic mannerisms and focus on his
accomplishments and the state of our union. No, this deep hatred causes
so-called normal people to forgo any reasonable attempt at objectivity by constantly
creating ridiculous strawmen and jumping to outrageous – unsubstantiated -
conclusions in a resentful, yet futile attempt to mislead the stubborn,
uninformed masses into believing the man’s warts and abrasive style are far
more dangerous to our Republic than any good he has achieved.

And one of the many benefits of being an American citizen is
our right to suffer gladly from TDS. Your obsession is your choice, no?               

An example of TDS…..

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl – the first in
the franchise’s history, by the way – and keeping with tradition, the players,
owner, coaches, and staff were cordially invited by the President of the United
States to celebrate their victory at the White House.

Now, consider the security measures and logistics involved
with bringing in approximately 100 people to the White House grounds once the
date is set. Initially, the Eagles stated that somewhere around 80 people would
attend. Due to the kneeling/National Anthem flap and Trump’s clear stance on
this topic, many Eagles players publicly announced that they had no desire in
attending this ceremony. The day before the event, the White House learned that
no more than ten people from the Eagles’ organization were going to attend.  

These Eagles players have every RIGHT to decline this open
invitation, regardless how it makes them look or how many of their fans
disagree with their politics. And owner Jeffrey Lurie was wise not to make attendance mandatory (which is also his right).

Once President Trump learned that no more than ten were actually
coming, he realized that such a poor showing would give the rabid left-wing
media a photo opportunity to play to their TDS base by embarrassing him with
24x7 news cycles showing the deep hatred (TDS?) NFL players have for him – so
he exercised HIS RIGHT to UN-invite the Eagles, cancelled the event and used
that open schedule to honor the military instead.

In my opinion, using a timeless football analogy – “The best
defense is a good offense” – I’d say that Trump out-coached the Eagles (and the
salivating media). 

In keeping with their incurable TDS, Eagles players, other
pro athletes, Philly Mayor Jim Kenney, and especially the MSM and far-left
journalists, politicos, and late-night hosts, took to social media to (shock!)
blast Trump for being, let’s see….….  a
baby….  a racist….   sensitive….. out of touch… a dictator…. etc.
etc. etc. In other words, they accuse him of that which they are clearly guilty
of. I think that’s called “projecting”, or in today’s vernacular, T.D.S.

In summary, the Eagles were graciously invited. They
ungraciously declined (which is their right). In response, Trump decided to
rescind the invitation (his right) and use that time slot for something more
positive and appreciated (honoring our military and veterans). And since the
TDS crybabies didn’t get their way (an opportunity to turn this celebration
into a political sideshow), they somehow want the public to believe they were

Sorry, you reap what you sow. For every action there’s a
reaction. You don’t like Trump for whatever reason(s)? Fine. You refuse to
acknowledge the indisputable facts that support his accomplishments? That’s
also fine. You want to foolishly believe and accuse Trump of deliberately
dividing our country? That’s ok too but look in the mirror and take stock.

If you can’t – or you defiantly refuse to – then it’s safe
to assume that you suffer from TDS.

As Andy Dufresne said to Warden Norton in the movie Shawshank
Redemption: “How can you be so obtuse?”

The answer is simple: you have every right to be. Just take
care not to apply a different standard to others. If you do, then there’s no
question that you suffer from TDS.

The cure for TDS is simple, yet difficult for many……….

Grow The Hell Up.

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