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hah hah the she-male Hogg has a degree in Snowflakery already.
Re: Note the meme: "Parkland shooting survivor" - He is NOT. He didn't get shot, and he didn't even SEE anyone get shot. That label is hyperbolic propaganda. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

06/07/2018, 22:20:15

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That fool wants to cash in on his perceived PVS (Permanent Victim Status) thinking that he can become to firearms what Jackson/Sharpton are to the race-hustling industry.

In a way one cannot blame a poisonous reptile for doing what it does. In the squirming toad that Hogg calls a "brain" all of this schizoaffective, gratuitous, insincere, contrived, opportunistic hate is largely justified.

You know, like for most sociopaths / irate three-year-olds.

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